How To Choose A Stone Fabricator In Chicago Il

Installing granite in your home is a big decision and quite probably a huge expenditure. Choosing the correct stone for you & your project can be a crushing task. But that’s only half the equation. Don’t ignore choosing the right stone fabricator in Chicago IL. Even the most gorgeous stone can be tumbled down by wrong fabrication & installation. We have got some tips for you to choose the right stone fabricator.

Not every ‘deal’ is a deal:

Everyone today wants “a deal.” Deals & reasonable pricing are the “norm” in this economy, but when it comes to granite, you’ve to shop for more than just price. Any Joe Blow off the street with a truck & a circular saw can cut granite. However, “Joe” is not the person you wish to trust thousands of your dollars & the well-being of your home to.

Do your research:

Check out with the Better Business Bureau to find out how the company you want to work with is ranked with them? How many disagreements have they been involved in? How were they sorted out? Check out their profile. Do they have any official websites with contacts & pictures? Check out Angie’s List. What’s their score there? Also, look for videos on their site. Ensure they have a good, interactive site that makes it easy to contact them.

Professional affiliations:

Do they have any professional member affiliations? Companies with professional memberships & associations have avenues you can follow if something does go wrong. When things go wrong you wish to hire a company that’ll be there for you.

Who do they services?

Check to see if they do predominantly residential or commercial work? A mix is good but Stone Fabricators in Chicago Il that do mostly commercial work sometimes get into the “cookie cutter” rut. They’re used to turning out the same layouts in the same colours day after day for large home builders or property managers and they may lack the capability or the insight to offer you the special touches that makes your countertop “uniquely yours.” They mayn’t care if your “movement or veins” are going in the right direction. Ensure you can meet with their sawyer to get the possible cut.


Do they have a showroom & slab yard? These 2 things are more than just convenience for the consumer. Also they indicate stability & strength.

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