Five common garage door problems requiring professional help

Five common garage door problems requiring professional help

Repairing and maintaining your garage door in Gaithersburg MD, can go a long way in having a fully functional door. Due to the frequent use of the door, you face problems with operating the door and you need to call a professional maintaining and repairing organization to have a look and fix those. It is better to get a professional as early as you notice a problem. They respond quickly and a quick fix can help you save considerable money and have peace of mind by having an operational garage door.

Let us know the common problems that you can face with your garage doors.

Non-functional garage door opener

This is a problem that all using a garage door must have faced. However, some may say it is a problem not requiring professional help. We say it is safe to call a professional. They may come and apply some lubricants to reduce the friction and the problem will have a fix. The reason for getting a professional is that while fixing the opener, they may notice some other issues, which our eyes cannot detect. Professionals then fixe those additional issues and you can have a garage door free from any problems.

Garage door making noise

The common cause of the sound garage door makes may be loose hardware, worn out parts, or noisy sections. A homeowner can’t have the expertise to detect the correct cause of the noise. Moreover, it is also not possible for a non-professional to have tools and parts handy to fix the issue. So, without hesitation, as you detect noise from the garage door, do call a professional garage door repairer in Gaithersburg, MD.


If you have a wooden garage door, then having a crack is a common problem. Cracks can also happen in garage doors built with other materials. If you try to repair it yourself, you will need to go to a store to buy the replacement and, undoubtedly, the fix will not be sufficient. So, professional help is what you need to have.

Broken weather sealant

The weather sealant helps you to keep water out, seals air leaks, and reduces street noise. You may notice cracks in the sealant, which need a fix. If you wish to do it yourself, you need to find time to go to the local hardware store to buy it and replace it. The outcome may be that the cracks do not have a proper fix. So, why take such botheration and spend unnecessary money. You can have an effective fix by calling a professional.

Door not opening properly

If you face such a problem, do not even think of trying a DIY venture. Garage doors are heavy and if by any mistake from your side, it may so happen that the garage door comes down on you or anyone nearby. So, call a professional repairer to have an effective solution to this problem.

If you face any of these problems or any other issue with your garage door in Gaithersburg, MD, instead of trying to repair yourself, do call Washington DC Garage Door. They respond quickly to your call and offer same day repair to the faults. They are a trustworthy organization you can depend on to have a professional repair to the garage door of any type. Call at (202) 629-9863 to have a free quote from them.

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