Common Mistakes People Make While Dealing With Ideal Standard Spares

One of the worst problems you will face in your home is the broken or damaged toilet! Have you ever imagined living life without a toilet! Do you feel that one or more cistern parts in your home is not working as it should be? It is time to call a plumber to identify the specific system part right away.

They can identify the cistern parts quickly, and you can order them from My Toilet Spare anytime. They provide a wide range of Ideal Standard spares & toilet cistern parts to assist you with fixing the faults. My Toilet Spares offer you the necessary toilet components to ensure your convenience. In addition, they stock the Ideal Standard spares that are no longer manufactured.


The bathroom is one of the crucial elements & critical installations in every home & office. If the toilet spare parts are installed correctly, it can provide you with years of service. Any errors upon installation make it worrying throughout its lifespan. When you’re about to repair or replace or install a new toilet system, keep these in mind. Procuring the correct Ideal Standard spares from a reputed dealer  make the entire installation process  remain smoother. In addition, you will get the precise Ideal Standard parts to make the existing cistern functioning like new.


The toilet valve is an integral part of the toilet system. Let’s find out some mistakes committed by homeowners while dealing with the toilet valve! Are you replacing a toilet or its valves? First, you should switch off the water source. After closing the water valve on the tank, turn it off and flush the toilet. You need to do it before removing the old system. It will help you keep the repair as smooth as possible. Before heading out to obtain the new Ideal Standard spares or parts, ensure that you take the proper measurements.

The water line components also need to be measured before you make the purchase. It will avoid unnecessary expenses on replacement parts. It is wise to remove the tank cover as it is loose-fitting on your toilet. It can quickly drop to the floor and cause severe damage. Be sure to tighten the nuts and bolts carefully. Tightening the things too much may damage or crack the ground beneath the toilet.


Are you going with a DIY approach to install or replace the cistern spares? You can trust my toilet spares right away as they stock & supply almost all Ideal Standard spares and cistern spares such as float valve, flush valve, dual flush valve, fill valve, bottom-feed float valve, seal washers, back-nut cap, anti-slip rubbers and much more you expect.

The online store at My Toilet Spare also simplifies the procuring process for the necessary parts you need for your toilet renovation. There is no need to leave your home or go to a local shop as you browse the cistern spares catalogue via They help you select the specific items you require to renovate your Ideal Standard toilet and its cistern. You can add it to your cart and make a payment. Your package will be on its way to you within a few days or even the same day! For more information email us at [email protected] or call us at 1482291992 .

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