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Choose Central Park Carriages – The Best Central Park Horse and Carriage Tours in New York City

Choose Central Park Carriages – The Best Central Park Horse and Carriage Tours in New York City

Hey, want to enjoy Central Park in NYC in an interesting way? Then, reach out to Central Park Carriages. We will let you explore the park in a very unique and interesting way you will remember for life. Your trip to the Central Park of 

Experience New York City during Christmas with a Carriages ride through Central Park.

Experience New York City during Christmas with a Carriages ride through Central Park.

It’s Christmas at Central Park Carriages New York and we’re cooking up a holiday treat for everyone! We know thousands of you and your family want to make New York City your holiday destination and we want to help make that happen. That’s why we’re 

Different attractions to explore in and around Central Park NYC

Different attractions to explore in and around Central Park NYC

Southgate Bar & Restaurant:

No visit to Central Park is complete without drinks and treats at Southgate Bar & Restaurant. Situated in the heart of Central Park, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a stroll in the fresh air. Who knew enjoying a drink in the big city could be so enjoyable? Come on down to Southgate Bar & Restaurant to take the taste of our chocolate cupcakes and sweet treats.

When the sun sets over Central Park, guests are invited to enjoy their favorite cocktails and spirits at Southgate Bar & Restaurant, which offers full lounge seating and shared plates through late evening hours only.

Central Park is home to an eclectic selection of restaurants for all occasions, including culinary experiences like Southgate Bar & Restaurant. The recently renovated venue easily accommodates approximately 150 people and has stunning views of Central Park.

 The Statue of Liberty:

The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, is more than just a National Monument. This statue was a gift to Americans from the people of France as a Gift of friendship and has become known as a universal symbol for political freedom and democracy. The park’s hours are currently from 8:30AM to 5:00PM and a limited number of tickets are available to experience a special insiders’ view of the Lady Liberty. Call 1-866-STATUE if you are calling from within the U.S. [(212) 269-5755 from outside] for more information on tickets or visit .

Central Park:

It was created in 1858, inspired by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Olmsted’s design, which he created on the site of an old Dutch farm, was modeled on English parks. Its central feature is a 2.5-mile long lake, the Ellipse, where cows and sheep grazed during some of the park’s earlier years.

The park has a number of large, formal gardens, as well as meadows, groves of trees, and miles of pathways. There is a zoo, a children’s museum, a botanical garden, a number of playgrounds and fields, and a large number of sports facilities. There are also a number of fountains, including the famous Bethesda Fountain, and the lake is crossed by several bridges.

The park is open year-round, and is the site of a number of festivals, concerts, and other cultural events. The Central Park Conservancy is a private non-profit organization that maintains the park.

The park is popular with joggers. cyclists and horse carriages. The park’s popularity, Horse and Carriage Service in New York City.

Central Park zoo and horse carriages:

If you go to Central Park, you will want to see both Central Park zoo and horse carriages. But you won’t be able to do both. If you want to see both, you will need to sacrifice one of them.

The horse carriages, as you might imagine, are an attraction that almost everyone has heard of, and is, in fact, one of the reasons many people visit Central Park. It’s a nice, romantic, fairy tale kind of attraction.

Central Park zoo: 

The Central Park Zoo is one of the most famous attractions in New York, and one of the most delightful.The Central Park Zoo is very good at showing these two different ways of seeing.There is a big cage, and the animals in it are big.Every zoo has animals that make people happy. Many of the best zoos in the world are located in cities.Central Park Zoo in New York has some of the most interesting animals in the world. It also attracts a lot of tourists, and that makes me nervous.The zoo is big and beautiful, with streams, ponds and waterfalls. But what’s inside?There are bears and tigers and lions, of course. But the zoo also has komodo dragons, pachyderms, lemurs, monkeys, giraffes, eagles, storks, flamingoes and all sorts of other birds. There are also zebras, goats and donkeys, kangaroos and wallabies.

Experience the beauty of Central Park with a horse and carriage ride!

I recommended this company to Central Park Carriages.  Central Park Carriages has been proudly serving Central Park since 1979. They provide one of the best sightseeing experiences in NYC. Leave Central Park with a memory to last for a lifetime for you, your family and friends. Feel free to contact us for your Central Park Horse Carriage needs!

You should know Carriage Ride Regulations:

All rides are subject to New York City rules and regulations and ordinances:

1. Summer restrictions – No carriage may operate above 89 degrees. It is suggested that you watch the weather reports during the summer months. Often the authorities will send the carriages home at 87 degrees.

2. Winter restrictions – No carriage may operate below 19 degrees or during Blizzards. ASPCA has, on occasion, sent horses home on short notice when it snows.

3. Police blockades or visits from important political figures visiting New York City may cause streets to be closed down. If the carriage is unable to gain access to your pick-up point, the carriage company cannot take responsibility.

4.  Carriage Capacity – Four (4) adults per carriage, or:  3 adults & 2 kids under the age of 12, or:  2 adults & 3 kids under the age of 12, or:  1 adult & 4 kids under the age of 12.

5.  Monday-Friday rides start at 10AM, Saturday and Sunday rides start at 9AM

6.  No rides below 34th Street. This is NYC Law.

Central Park Carriages guarantees that their rides are safe and reliable.This New York attraction also provides horse drawn carriage rides for birthday parties, weddings, and other special occasions. For more information on Central Park visit the official site at

A convenient way to tour central park in New York City-check out the natural carriage rides

A convenient way to tour central park in New York City-check out the natural carriage rides

There are numerous carriage tour companies in New York City, but Central Park Carriages is one of the highly rated horse carriages. It is truly a NYC classic experience and unforgettable sightseeing excursion for individuals of all ages. No trip to NYC is complete without 

4 Distinguishable Benefits To Going For A Carriage Ride In Central Park

4 Distinguishable Benefits To Going For A Carriage Ride In Central Park

Central Park is a popular destination for tourists and city folk. It’s a beautiful part of New York City with a wide variety of things to do. If you only go to the northern half of Central Park, you’re missing out on a lot of 

List of Top Central Park Movies to Explore Before a New York City Horse Carriage Rides.

List of Top Central Park Movies to Explore Before a New York City Horse Carriage Rides.

Are you thrilled to enjoy a New York City horse carriage ride to take a tour through Central Park? Allow us to raise your excitement level by providing the list of some popular movies shot in Central Park.

In Central Park, movies have been shot for over a century now. Central Park has played an iconic part in many films, like A Troll in Central Park and Home Alone 2.

Let us explore the Central Park movies that can enhance your horse-drawn carriage tour experience!

Home Alone 2 (1992):

It is one of the most popular children’s films that used Central Park as a backdrop. In this movie, you can see Kevin {Macauley Culkin} eluding his pursuers by hiding in a horse-drawn carriage and is also seen running around the Bethesda Fountain. Kevin get introduced to the Pigeon Lady in the movie at Central Park’s beautiful Inscope Arch that runs beneath the Park Drive at the southeast entrance. This movie gives the park a magical feel by showcasing some of its least notable features.

Owner Neil Byrne played a small role in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in the year of 1992.

 A Troll in Central Park (1994):

It is one of the best Central Park movies directed by Don Bluth in 1994. In this movie, Central Park is drawn beautifully and provides remarkable respect for its geographic detail.

The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984):

In the 1980s Central Park was getting ready to go through the transformation. The first movie to celebrate the beautiful transformation of Central Park was “The Muppets Take Manhattan“. In the movie, there are gorgeously pastoral scenes of Miss Piggy and Kermit shot at Central Park. The park scenes conveyed a sense of bright optimism. You will love the brightly lit landscape of the park in the movie and in real during the tour. The park is portrayed as the lovely center of New York City that we know today.

Enchanted (2007):

Central Park was the perfect place in the city that the universe of Disney filmmakers wonderfully imagined and portrayed. Director Kevin Lima beautifully captured the magic of Central Park by covering its various iconic sites. The movie Enchanted features an amazingly choreographed song and dance scene. This scene includes Central Park’s spectacular Bethesda Fountain. In this movie, Central Park looked so magical.

The World of Henry Orient (1964):

In this movie, Central Park plays a supporting and dramatic role itself. Directed by George Roy Hill “The World of Henry Orient” movie beautifully shows Central Park. This movie uses the changing season (the autumn and snowy winter) to capture Central Park at its best.

Serendipity (2001):

One more example of Central Park as New York City’s romantic setting is “Serendipity“.  In the movie, you can see the two main characters having a magical evening in a gorgeously decorated Central Park’s Wollman Rink. You can see in this movie the amazing shots of the Wollman Rink. Decorated for Christmas, the rink with a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline above was breathtaking. No doubt, this movie paints a beautiful portrait of Central Park by night in its idealized winter splendor.Do you want to experience the horse-drawn carriage scene that shows Kevin stows away? Are you excited to see the reel scenes of New York’s Central Park movies in your real life? Book a New York City horse carriage ride today from Central Park Carriages! Since 1964, Central Park Carriages have been in the local horse and carriage business.

The best-guided tours of Central Park-New York City

The best-guided tours of Central Park-New York City

If you happen to visit NYC or stay nearby, you must be aware that Central Park is a major tourist attraction. There are various historical and tourist attractive places to visit in and around the park. In addition, there are multiple activities and events that 



Anyone who’s been to New York knows that every corner of the city has something new and exciting. Many people who visit New York believe that driving is not an option, and that New Yorkers only use public transit or taxis. This may have been 

Central Park carriage tour – An exclusive way to enjoy and enhance your holiday spirit

Central Park carriage tour – An exclusive way to enjoy and enhance your holiday spirit

Horse-drawn private carriages are a unique way to experience the beauty & historical treasures of Central Park. Do you need some assistance in planning a Central Park carriage tour? Numerous horse-drawn carriage companies in Central Park offer exclusive carriage tours that best fit your needs. You can trust a reliable company that helps you plan your tour proposal. They will be glad to take you to explore the hidden alleys, different magical Central Park locations, and quaint by-ways that are unreachable with other transport modes. Apart from that, modern carriages are designed for comfort while maintaining an authentic look.

Most Central Park carriage tours span from 30 to 90 minutes or even more based on your specific need. It is perfect for solo travelers, couples, groups, families, and much more. It includes a fully narrated tour through the scenic route in Central Park and explores major historical attractions like The Lake, Boat Pond, Cherry Hill, The Bow Bridge, Carousel, Strawberry Fields, Upper West Side, Dakota Building, Sheep Meadow, Tavern on the Green, Heckscher Playground, Columbus Circle, Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, and much more you wish.

The well-planned Central Park carriage tours not only bring fun but can be romantic. It will bring romance and memories to locals and tourists alike for hundreds of years. It can bring some added excitement when you customize a Central Park carriage tour for your wedding proposal, post-wedding ride, birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion. You can make it even extra memorable by adding photography, flowers, chocolate, or other special requests, such as custom pickup and drop-off at your Central Park locations.

Pre-booking the Central Park carriage tour online ensures its availability at the time you need the ride. It allows for carriage ride customization and ensures that you will get the ride that you want. During the holiday or pick season, high season prices are not applied to pre-online booking private carriage rides. The 30-minute rides are not available during these dates. Book your extensive group tour with a reliable horse carriage ride company and enjoy your Central Park carriage tours at a special rate that fits best to meet your group’s needs. They’ll work with you and organize all of the details so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 

Expert drivers accommodate you with your entire tour. All the drivers are licensed, insured to ride the horse carriage, and pleasant while dealing with clients. They strive to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. They have vast experience in the industry and have a wealth of knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. They are specialized in providing informative and entertaining guided tours as well. The expert and experienced drivers assure you offer a fabulous Central Park carriage tour to make your day truly special. You will remember such a traditional yet unique way of traveling for longer! 

Carriage rides are one of the distinctive ways to discover Central Park in NYC. It’s not only memorable but entertaining as well. Each carriage will be detailed and sanitized thoroughly every day. Seats will be cleaned & covered after each ride, and sanitizer will be available for guests during the season. Most horse carriages are not covered by canopy unless it’s raining or heavily snowing. If you don’t want to use the blanket, the horse carriage company can arrange the heated seats. Guests can request to use both for extra comfort.

With over 60 years of experience in the horse and carriage business, Central Park Carriages promises customer satisfaction, is genuine, personable, and remains flexible to meet clients’ needs. Not only has that but being family-owned and operated meant you are treated just like one of their own! So be ready to hire a Central Park carriage tour on your next trip to NYC. 

Have a great travel experience of New York City with a Central Park private horse ride

Have a great travel experience of New York City with a Central Park private horse ride

Riding horses has been a tradition in Central Park dating back to the park’s inception. A private horse ride through Central Park is one of New York’s most magical experiences! Are you a first-timer in New York City, or are you a local who wishes