Are Toilet Seat Fittings Standard Size- Finding The Suitable Toilet Seat

Toilets have many moving parts, and most of such features get used quite rigorously. You probably won’t know how many times your toilet seat is raised and lowered over a year. However, if you think of it like five times a day as an average, then the toilet seat fittings along with its hinges will work over 1800 times a year. As it has been put to work for over a year, it’s not a surprise that it will get damaged after years of use.


Like many other things in the home, the toilet seat will suffer a fair degree of wear and tear over its life. There is hardly any surprise that it is the most commonly used equipment in your home, and you use it every day. It’s your toilet seat fitting that takes the brunt of this regular use. Finding suitable toilet seat sizes is the base to procure the toilet seat fittings. By following few steps, you will find the appropriate toilet seat fitting:


Measuring the shape of your toilet pan- Of course, modern toilets come in a wide range of styles. So what is the condition of your toilet pan? Is it curving outwards from the hinges and then back inwards to form a circular edge? Is it D-shaped, turning only inwards from the hinges to form a continuous arc? Is it square shaped as both sides are perpendicular? Or is it different from the toilet mentioned above? It makes it confusing for you to find the right toilet seat fittings for your bathroom! So it’s normal to see why there isn’t a standard size toilet seat.


Measure your toilet- Toilets also come in different dimensions (length and width) between 350mm – 500mm. While measuring the bathroom for procuring the toilet, you will need to take four measurements from your toilet:

  • Length—Note down the distance from the very front edge of your toilet to the holes in your toilet
  • Width— Check the diameter distance from edge to edge at the maximum point
  • Height— Measure the space between the holes to the cistern or wall
  • Between holes—Measure the length between the centre of each fixing hole

Determine the size of the Toilet Seat HingesMost Laufen toilet seat hinges seem the same. However, the toilet seat fittings are found in multiple sizes. You have to choose the best one out of them for your toilet. If you spent much on an expensive bathroom, then you probably have a risk that the store may not carry the precise hinge specially designed for that brand. That will either make it a particular order, or you are forced to settle for another style. To help give you the best fit for your toilet, look for adjustable toilet seat fittings and hinges. Most toilet seat hinges are made from nylon or stainless steel, as it provides good durability. Lower quality steel or other metals may be prone to rust. So decide carefully. Some seats also come with top fixing hinges and have a handy lift-off mechanism. Using quality toilet seat fitting makes both the installation and cleaning process a breeze.


When it comes to toilet seats, the best advice is to ensure you buy them from reputable bathroom dealers that supply a wide range of toilets and toilet seat fittings. However, you will find a wide range of toilet seats and their hinges at the leading online stores like My Toilet Spares. They assure you to get the precise toilet seat fittings specifically designed to fit your toilet model. So they will come in handy when you need to purchase a spare.

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