A Few Good Neighborhoods in Germantown MD for Residing

A Few Good Neighborhoods in Germantown MD for Residing

Are you buying a home for the first time? Being a first-time home buyer at times can be frustrating and stressful as there is so much to consider when looking for your perfect home. From the place where you want to reside, the style you must buy to the size of home that is best for you and much more can make your home buying decision a nightmarish experience. It is always advised to take the help of an expert realtor.

So if you are looking for buying a home in Germantown MD, then you must get in touch with a reputable and experienced Germantown MD realtor to help you find the best home for you at the best price. A good realtor in Germantown MD can also help you in deciding the best place to reside as per your preferences and budget. Besides that, there are many other perks of hiring an expert realtor while planning to buy a new home for the first time in MD.

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As you are looking to buy your first home in Germantown, MD, check out the following place options to choose from.

● Seneca Crossing
Residing in Seneca Crossing comes with numerous advantages. Usually, the homes in Seneca Crossing are built in the colonial style that is 1188 to 3991 square feet, however, the lawns aren’t too large. For work commutation, when you live in Seneca Crossing, you can quickly access Interstate 270 or if you choose to take the Metro, it is just 10 minutes away. For grocery shopping, there is the Milestone Center close to you!

● Kings Square
If you are in search of a home for a family with a community feel, then Kings Square is the right place for you in Germantown, MD. Here, you can find family homes with enough room inside and outside that makes it ideal for first-time homebuyers like you. This neighborhood has above-average-rated schools. Kings Square however is car-dependent as the closest shopping center is a 9 minutes drive. Also, Kings Square is close to Black Hill and Crystal Rock hiking trails.

● Neelsville Estates
Neelsville Estates, originally developed in 1993 is a community that is still in its growing stage. That is the reason why you can find different styles of homes to buy for every first-time homebuyer. From condos, townhouses to single-family homes, you can find every style of home in this secluded neighborhood. The single-family homes are spread on one-quarter acre lots that make them ideal for first-time homebuyers looking for more space for their kids or pets. As far as the education of kids is concerned, the schools in Neelsville Estates are highly rated at 7/10. Moreover, as the neighborhood is a secluded one, you won’t hear loud traffic from your home.

● Seneca Vista Estates
Seneca Vista Estates is a neighborhood in Germantown MD that is best for first-time home buyers who are looking for single-family homes and are with school-aged children. The local schools here are top-rated that include William B. Gibbs Jr., Rocky Hill Middle School, and Clarksburg High School. If you own a bike then you can store it in your garage! Also, there are numerous places nearby to take the family on a bike ride. Seneca Vista Estates dates back to 1996 but it is still expanding.

These are just a few neighborhoods in Germantown MD that you can choose as your residing place. There are many more! For exploring more you must get in touch with a reliable and reputable Germantown MD realtor.

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